Steve Gatt

CEO, President and Founder


Steve has been pushing the edge of innovation for more than two decades in his quest to improve diagnostics, business processes, and software and product development in the healthcare industry.

Dan DiThomas

Senior Vice President


Dan brings more than two decades of experience in healthcare, employment screening and product development to his work helping clients better build their knowledge base and structure around better screening options.

Melissa Sabus

Vice President & MRO General Manager


Mel brings over 20 years of experience managing people, processes, and projects to her leadership role in program and product development, change management and automated compliance models.

David R. Nahin, M.D.

Chief Medical Review Officer, Early Screening Pioneer


Dr. Nahin oversees MRO services at i3screen while managing an active leadership role within the industry helping to shape regulations, best practices, MRO certification standards and screening guidelines.

Janelle Jaworski, M.D.

Co-Chief Medical Review Officer


Dr. Jaworski’s well-known specialty in document examination has been developed over more than two decades of full-time MRO work and years of identifying instances of falsified records, letters, and prescription documents that precluded from passing their drug tests.

Myranda Roys

Vice President of Operations


Myranda manages day-to-day operations of customer service, scheduling, billing and accounts payable as well as collection site management and customer onboarding.

Vi Huynh

Vice President of Client Implementation


Vi is driven to constantly improve the customer experience with full-service customer care that takes into consideration all aspects of onboarding, bill payment, customer administration, customer service and staff training.

Simon Foot

Product Manager and Senior Data Analyst


Simon envisions IT in new ways by reading and managing the products and data that inform the next generation of i3screen’s agile software solutions.