Brian Drew

Senior Vice President


In June of 2021, Brian became the SR. Vice President of i3screen, the leading drug testing and occupational health services software platform and MRO service provider in the industry. He operates from the Indianapolis office of i3screen and NMR. Brian’s long history in the industry and his work with the major SAMSHA laboratories and industry partners to streamline the electronic import and rapid reporting of test results to downstream customers provide i3screen with a better engagement and expanded growth into new markets.


Prior to working with i3screen, Brian was the president of Nationwide Medical Review (NMR), a company that provided MRO services to employers and TPA’s across the United States and in Canada. Under Brian’s leadership, NMR had experienced consistent, rapid growth since he and his wife Cathleen purchased NMR from his father and former MRO, Dr. Daniel Drew in 2005. NMR continues to grow under the ownership of i3screen since 2017.


Mr. Drew has over 20 years of experience in the drug & alcohol industry with C-DER, and Certified MRO Team Member, and NDASA Qualified Trainer of Drug Test Collectors certifications. Prior to purchasing NMR, Brian owned and operated several other successful businesses in the financial market and internet service industry. He also created a unique credit bureau software system unique to the Internet Service Provider industry.



Brian can be reached at [email protected]