Steve Gatt

CEO, President and Founder, Visionary


Steve has been pushing the edge of innovation for more than two decades in his quest to improve diagnostics, business processes, and software and product development in the healthcare industry. He’s pioneered new processes, products, and solutions throughout his career and in various senior management positions in both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial settings, including:

  •, where Steve co-founded and created, the first FDA-approved point-of-care medical device, and led the team that built a national network of 1,000+ locations for the product
  • ChoicePoint (NYSE: CPS), where Steve developed Digital Chain, a workflow product that uses patent-pending digital technology to automate chain-of-custody processing

Steve views the marriage of IT and healthcare diagnostics on a continuum; while we’ve come so far, he sees more big ideas coming fast as he drives improvements in health care outcomes, processes, and the technology engines that lead to better outcomes.


Reach out to Steve at [email protected]. LinkedIn.