Innovative & Inspired

With singular knowledge and over 300 years of experience in the industry, our leadership team is the driving force behind i3screen’s expansive ecosystem of superior technologies, solutions, and personnel support.

Delivering More in the Ecosystem

Designing a screening management ecosystem is not just about behind-the-scenes IT-engineering. It’s about combining what we know and ongoing investments to develop technology, web services and solutions that help you better serve your customers.


Channel partners and providers have come to rely on the ecosystem to deliver fast, accurate, and convenient results to their customers. By listening to and learning from ecosystem users and their customers, we are able to focus our ongoing investments in targeted areas of innovation that best meet and anticipate your screening management needs.


We don’t compete with users in the ecosystem, ever. You work hard for your customers and their loyalty so we make it easy to operate as your behind-the-scenes screening management engine, offering white label service that puts your brand upfront and visible to your customers. So while your platform may be powered by i3screen, your customers are all yours.

Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

Run your entire business and expand your reach to collection sites and integrated providers in all 50 states, Canada and international locations with i3screen. Our enterprise-level solution allows you to tap potential clients effortlessly and manage drug testing, random pools, consortiums, participants and provider relationships, fee schedules, and order status in a single, secure environment. Integration with the most experienced team of MRO doctors in the marketplace further improves your customers’ experience and frees you up to focus on new sales.


We’ll not only customize a solution to match how you prefer to serve your customers, we’ll support your solution in the way you want with infrastructure, ongoing investment, and personnel.  Custom configurations allow you to brand our platform at all levels–from the login page to custom messaging on your client orders—to the way you want to present your company and services to your customers. This includes customizing your provider list based on price, convenience, and customer experience so that your customers have access to only those providers that meet your specific criteria on the platform.


Additional features allow you to manage the drug screening process more efficiently through electronic fulfillment that eliminates paper and data entry at every level. This streamlined processing reduces errors and gives you–and your customers–visibility into the screening process every step of the way, eliminating unnecessary phone calls with real-time access to status updates. An automated compliance solution makes it easy to meet state and local compliance screening requirements on every order you and your customers submit through our platform, click this site.

Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs)

Expand customer offerings beyond your core business by adding drug and alcohol, clinical, and occupational health screening options from the largest network of providers and POC locations in the marketplace. Within our enterprise-level solution, you have the option to customize a provider list based on price, convenience, and customer experience, giving your customers access to only those providers that meet your criteria.


In addition, we have custom-integrated APIs and solutions for CRAs, and specific tools to help deliver services through your individualized platform. Together these features create an experience for drug screening that is simple and similar to ordering a background screen.


Our ability to integrate with any platform means your options are limited only by the number of providers in the marketplace. We maintain the infrastructure and personnel, shifting the administrative burdens and costs of developing and maintaining software, solutions, security, and screening service contracts to i3screen.


Improve your customers’ experience with order fulfillment and MRO adjudication on a single, customer-accessible and secure platform. We’ll integrate with your lab system and provide ready access to certified MRO services on-demand, immediately expanding the breadth, depth, and speed of service you can offer to your clients.


With the broadest network of multi-level integrations and electronic collection solutions in the industry, our platform delivers visibility into all aspects of the fulfillment process, with real-time status tracking and electronic results delivered instantly from almost every lab in the country. Our integrations with 20+ laboratories includes all major labs, with more labs coming online. Electronic-chain solutions combined with our in-house MRO services speeds up processing times, reduces errors, and delivers accurate results fast. We manage the platform and connections to each lab in the network, keeping integrations up-to-date and secure, freeing you up to focus on your customer relationships.

Risk Management

The statistics on drug use in the workplace are staggering and continue to trend up. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, more than 70% of illicit drug users are employed and drug abuse costs employers $81 billion annually (source). Particularly hard hit are the small- and medium-sized firms who employ “80% of the U.S. workforce where drug testing policies and programs are not in place,” according to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce (source).


The benefits of a well-executed substance abuse screening process are well-documented and include:

  • Reductions in healthcare costs, operational risks, and related health care costs
  • Increases in staff productivity and at-work attendance


Companies of all sizes can help manage these risks by creating a drug-free workplace with an effective substance abuse screening program. Our sophisticated screening tools, efficient processing workstreams, and extensive security features help reduce workplace risk related to injuries, theft or accidents caused by substance abuse.

Occupational Health Clinics

Gain network access to negotiated services and transparent pricing from 10,000+ collection sites nationwide, in Canada and select international locations. Expand your offerings with electronic fulfillment solutions that reduce costs, time and hassle as well as expedited bill payment options with automation tools that gets providers paid faster.


Coming soon! We’re actively working on improving the user experience with a scorecard rating system for collection sites.


Providing leading MRO services to major hospital chains and community health systems for expedited screening.


  • Security you can count on from a full-time, in-house team of IT-engineers
  • Network access to negotiated services and transparent pricing from comprehensive catalog of occupational, clinical, and drug and alcohol testing services for meeting all your screening needs
  • Providing leading MRO services to major hospital chains and community health systems for expedited screening
  • Security you can count on from a full-time, in-house team of IT-engineers
  • Network access to negotiated services and transparent pricing from comprehensive catalog of occupational, clinical, and drug and alcohol testing services for meeting all your screening needs
  • Coming soon – Integrated learning management systems for self-directed training, process improvements and standardized protocol

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations are constantly changing. You need access to expert resources that not only keep pace with change but anticipate change with evolving features and tools that make managing risk related to workplace health and safety easier.


We have over 300 years of experience under our roof in managing Department of Transportation (DOT) programs, providing witness testimony and delivering medical review services. Our MRO doctors have on average more than 15 years of experience delivering adjudication, forensic documentation, expert witness, and policy and process compliance services.


As you face new mandates or expanded panel requirements, you can rest assured our experienced team is at work updating testing panels and procedures in support of new requirements before you need it, helping to make you audit-ready as changes occur.