Pioneering Vision

i3screen was created by the industry leaders that designed the first point-of-care medical device and screening network. With over 300 years’ combined industry experience and knowledge, our team has been on the edge of screening innovation ever since to bring you:


  • Opportunities to simplify what you do every day
  • Improve the customer and employee experience
  • Technology that solves and anticipates your needs
  • Specialists that speak your language
  • Innovation as it happens

This intelligence carries i3screen development forward, ensuring you’ll always have access to technology, screening solutions and support services that make screening management easier and more cost-effective year after year.

The Birth of i3screen

In 2008, i3screen was born with the promise of connecting solutions, services and providers together on a single enterprise-level platform, becoming the first ecosystem dedicated to occupational health screening program management. A decade later, i3screen web-based delivery and breakthrough software solutions, coupled with pioneering knowledge and ongoing innovation, continues to lead the market in making occupational health screening management easier.


A Storefront of Screening Options


With the largest number of integrations in the industry, i3screen simplifies day-to-day screening management activities for our customers, freeing them to personally engage their own customers–and grow their business.