A Single Platform for Faster Results

The key to faster results is integration into our expansive ecosystem of technology, services and solutions. Join the surge of screening companies and providers getting connected in the ecosystem to better serve their customers on a scalable platform.


Delivering More in the Ecosystem

Information flows freely between our system and each fully integrated channel partner and provider, reducing data entry costs and errors while increasing visibility and data integrity throughout the ecosystem.


We make it easy to improve your customers’ experience with all the screening functions they need available in one place. From order fulfillment through medical review and bill payment, all are on a single, customer-accessible and secure platform. Expand the breadth, depth, and speed of service you can offer to your customers without ever leaving the ecosystem.


I3screen maintains the broadest network of multi-level integrations and electronic collection solutions in the industry. Our platform delivers visibility into all aspects of the fulfillment process, with real-time status tracking and electronic results delivered instantly from labs across the country, Canada and select international locations.


Our integrations with 20+ laboratories includes all major labs, with more labs coming online all the time. We manage the platform and connections to each lab, collection site and clinic in the network, keeping integrations up-to-date and secure.


Benefits of Integration at a Glance

  • Unlimited connections to the providers you want
  • Access to the largest occupational health network of companies and providers
  • Own your customers with white-label branding
  • Full-service screening solutions on a single platform
  • Faster results and streamlined processing on a single platform
  • On-demand services that scale to your business
  • Visibility to screening results as completed, both instant and MRO-reviewed
  • White-label branding to your business
  • Secure web communication

Customize the Experience

The i3screen ecosystem is designed to fit your business model, giving you choices in method of integration, service level and pricing.


Choose your connection

Our technology solutions and screening services integrate with and seamlessly flow through to your front-facing order and delivery system, whether that system is homegrown or off-the-shelf.


By choosing our white-label solution, you can customize the look and feel of what your customers see when accessing the ecosystem to your own brand, logo and identity. This allows you to continue to build your business’s unique brand while offering more and better services to your customers, all without investing in the infrastructure or technology to build screening solutions yourself.



Integrate once and pay only for the technology, services and solutions you need to better serve your customers, ranging from single drug tests and occupational health services to full-service screening solutions and back office support.