I3 Platform

Customers and Partners benefit from access to the industry’s most advanced web-based platform for ordering occupational screening services online and integration with all major laboratories and occupational clinics. Combined, these services and integrations connect our Customers and Partners to a simple, convenient screening process.


Three Distinct Key Benefits


Incomparable Visibility

i3screen’s advanced electronic screening management system provides Customers and Partners access to one convenient, web-based portal for viewing all stages of a drug test transaction and occupational health services, from initial order to result reporting. The system provides real-time status updates throughout the process, online dashboard views, proactive email updates, easy user access controls, and streamlined, transparent compliance.


Increased Efficiency

Customers and Partners benefit from a streamlined drug testing process and the ability to schedule drug tests electronically. In addition, our in-house Medical Review Officer team facilitates an expedited adjudication process when non-negative results are reported by the laboratory. The i3screen system also offers automated data pre-fill for forms, a user-friendly “self-serve” feature for candidates and employees to schedule their test, real-time, online administrative controls, and exceptional support for remote employees.


Integrated Access

i3screen’s unique integration with all major laboratories and occupational clinics gives Customers and Partners real-time web access to a vast network of collection sites and testing laboratories. Customers and Partners can also connect to an expanded network of after-hours collection sites, including clinics with extended hours coverage, hospital emergency room services, and mobile collectors so that services are available anytime they are needed, 24/7/365.


Powerful and efficient, our scheduling and tracking system directly connects to an expansive network of qualified medical facilities and specialists. With extensive knowledge of Drug Screening for DOT, FMCSA, and large multi-national corporations, the MRO department and key i3screen staff deliver comprehensive Drug Screening review services.


i3screen is committed to connecting Customers and Partners to best-in-class collection and medical facilities and testing laboratories. We are a premier partner with most SAMHSA-certified laboratories and work with all major nationally accredited testing laboratories, giving our clients choices when it comes to selecting quality labs and their Federally-compliance services.

Platform and Technology Overview