Myranda Roys

Senior Vice President

Myranda manages day-to-day operations of customer service, scheduling, billing and accounts payable as well as collection site management and customer onboarding.

Janelle Jaworski, M.D.

Chief Medical Review Officer

Dr. Jaworski’s well-known specialty in document examination has been developed over more than two decades of full-time MRO work and years of identifying instances of falsified records, letters, and prescription documents that precluded from passing their drug tests.

Simon Foot

Vice President of Product

Simon envisions IT in new ways by reading and managing the products and data that inform the next generation of i3screen’s agile software solutions.

Melissa Sabus, C-SAPA

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Mel brings over 20 years of experience managing people, processes, and projects to her leadership role in program and product development, change management, and integration solutions.