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What do customers need to access the i3screen ecosystem?

The i3screen infrastructure, platform, and software are web-based and require no customer setup or additional hardware or software. All customers need is an internet connection and an up-to-date browser. All connections to our web services are encrypted to current standards.

What do customers need to access the i3screen ecosystem?

Ecosystem & Network

How does i3screen support the ecosystem?

The i3screen ecosystem is developed entirely in-house. We build secure integrations with drug testing laboratories and partners for real-time data transfer. i3screen maintains the cloud infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery planning support, safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of data stored and transferred within the ecosystem.

Who hosts the i3screen ecosystem?

Our data center is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS uses design standards and redundancy controls that secure scalable connections. The AWS cloud gives us the flexibility to innovate and expand the i3screen ecosystem and better serve your needs, all within a secure, reliable environment.

How frequently is the ecosystem updated?

i3screen has been developing and releasing regular system updates and enhancements since the original diagnostic drug testing platform went live in January 2009. An in-house IT-engineering team utilizes agile software development techniques and is dedicated to continuously improving the ecosystem to meet ever-changing industry demands.

Data Security

How is data secured?

All data within the i3screen ecosystem is secured and encrypted both at rest and while in transit.

How is customer data stored and retrieved securely?

We use trusted subsystem, application layer security and firewall technologies to secure data and privacy to our exacting standards.

  • The i3screen application always connects to the database using its own application process identity, independent of the identity of the user
  • The database server grants application access to data that the application can read or manipulate, along with the security and permissions layer necessary for customer viewing

This method isolates customer data in a scalable, secure infrastructure. Encrypted passwords restrict access to sensitive customer data, and all data sources are backed up for recovery in case of disaster.

Security, Identity, & Compliance

How does i3screen secure the computing environment?

Cloud security is our highest priority. Data security and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. All systems are further secured through vulnerability assessments, security control testing, and network and application penetration tests conducted regularly.

All business units in the company are on separate Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) and network access controls are in place via a Check Point firewall. Users are allowed remote Virtual Private Network access to the corporate networks as needed. Remote access is managed through a centralized Check Point solution.

How do users securely access the i3screen ecosystem?

Customers connect through a web browser to the i3screen ecosystem using network protocol TLS 1.0+ and industry protocol-based password access. User account privileges are restricted to what is necessary for users to complete their job. Data layer segregation isolates data by customer. All access to the ecosystem is logged and audited.

What backup provisions and disaster recovery plans are in place?

Best practices are followed and implemented for database backups and recovery in case of disaster. i3screen backs up all databases and critical systems daily to both an encrypted local backup service in the data center and off-site locations. Transaction logs are rotated on a 7-day schedule and replicated off server on 1-hour intervals. Full data restores are tested and validated from production backup stores every six months.


We employ dedicated, full-time information security professionals to monitor our systems and alerts in real-time. Technical controls prevent attacks that target the virtual infrastructure. Around-the-clock support is provided for system outages.

Are screening management services and solutions mobile-ready?

Coming soon! The i3screen ecosystem will be enhanced for mobile use, providing you with anytime, anywhere access on your personal devices to the tools and features you need to manage screening systems and provide management support within the secure i3screen web services environment. In Q1 2018, we’ll introduce an all new, redesigned scheduling tool, providing greater on-the-go convenience and improving the applicant experience.

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i3screen business hours are 6am-6pm MST M-F. Additional support hours are provided as needed. Please call our customer support division should you have any questions regarding our systems and security not answered in FAQs [link].