Melissa Sabus, C-SAPA

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Melissa has over 20 years of experience managing people, processes, and projects that use employee testing technologies to shape better business practices. She is a leader in the industry in program and product development, change management, and integration solutions. Mel has numerous successful in-house and off-the-shelf system designs, integrations, and conversions to her credit.


Beyond the back office, i3screen customers benefit from Melissa’s ability to synthesize industry trends, customer needs, and best practices into products and processes that work. She readily shares her knowledge with customers on testing technologies, occupational health screening services, DOT drug and alcohol regulations, and other workplace testing programs. In addition, her work in operations supports designing and implementing training programs and communications to keep us all on the same page and focused on you, our customers.


Formerly, Mel spent 15 years with HR Plus, a Sterling Infosystems company, developing and implementing drug and occupational health screening tools for human resource departments.


Reach out to Mel at [email protected] or Linkedin.